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94 Songs from the Woody Guthrie Archives  ~ Gift Set

94 Songs from the Woody Guthrie Archives ~ Gift Set


Woody Guthrie - by his own hand, in his own words! This collection includes:

- "Mermaid Avenue: Volume II" CD
- "Ticky Tock" CD
- "Wonder Wheel" CD
- "The Works" CD
- "Note of Hope" CD
- "New Multitudes" 2-CD

Woody Guthrie wrote over 3000 lyrics in his lifetime, most of which he never recorded. Nora Guthrie invited these gifted musicians to compose original music to Woody's previously unpublished lyrics. This collection includes:

Mermaid Avenue: Volume II CD
Artists: Billy Bragg & Wilco

In this second volume, Billy Bragg and Wilco explore Woody's previously unheard lyrics, taking us in new and evermore revealing directions. "My Flying Saucer" and "Joe DiMaggio Done It Again" place Woody smack dab in Coney Island in the late '40's.

1. Airline to Heaven
2. My Flying Saucer
3. Feed of Man
4. Hot Rod Hotel
5. I Was Born
6. Secret of the Sea
7. Stetson Kennedy
8. Remember the Mountain Bed
9. Blood of the Lamb
10. Against Th' Law
11. All You Fascists
12. Joe Dimaggio Done It Again
13. Meanest Man
14. Black Wind Blowing
15. Someday Some Morning Sometime

Nonesuch Records. 2000.

Ticky Tock CD
Artist: Wenzel

Nora Guthrie invited German award winning singer/songwriter Hans-Eckardt Wenzel to visit the Woody Guthrie Archives and put music to previously unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics. The result was Ticky Tock, a great collection of 14 Woody Guthrie lyrics sung in a way that will blow your mind.

1. Been Down the River Too Long
2. Dust Bowl Refugee
3. He And She
4. Been Out On An Ocean Trip
5. If I Was Everything on Earth
6. Every 100 Years
7. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
8. I Don't Feel At Home on the Bowery No More
9. Ticky Tock
10. I Like to Stay Home With Daddy
11. Blue Eyes
12. Jinga Linnng
13. Ninety Mile Wind
14. Blow, Big Wind

Contraer Musik, 2003.

Wonder Wheel CD
Artists: The Klezmatics

Grammy Winner for Best Contemporary World Music Album! The Klezmatics offer up 12 of these previously unknown songs, creating a wonderous wheel of new music that places them in today's musical soundtrack. Just as he would have wanted it. - Nora GuthrieWonder Wheel is a lively dialogue between artists who fervently agree about social justice, peace, and the spiritual power of music to unite, bind to a cause, and transcend any borders, musical or otherwise. The story is a glorious tale of happenstance and discovery, populated by luminaries from different worlds and different eras. These Coney Island-wrought lyrics add a less-known urban dimension to a man seen as the avatar of dust- bowl ballads. But, like thousands of his songs, they were left unrecorded, their music forgotten.

1. Come When I Call You
2. Mermaid's Avenue
3. Headdy Down
4. Gonna Get Through This World
5. Pass Away
6. Holy Ground
7. Goin' Away To Sea
8. From Here On In
9. Wheel Of Life
10. Condorbird
11. Orange Blossom Ring
12. Heaven

 Shout Factory. 2006.

The Works CD
Artist: Jonatha Brooke

Our newest album of Woody's unpublished lyrics from The Guthrie Archives is a very significant project. For the first time ever a woman has composed, arranged, produced and performed a complete album of Woody Guthrie songs. The gods must be shaking their heads, "'bout time!" Jonatha's antennae honed in on Woody's love songs, which are still relatively unknown. Some are sweetly childlike, other's more spiritual. Some are downright pissed off or downright sexual! But they all swirl around Woody's broad concept of love, as a complete theme in and of itself. With Joe SampleSteve Gadd and Christian McBride. Special guest appearances by: Keb Mo'Derek TrucksGlen Phillips and Eric Bazilian.

1. My Sweet and Bitter Bowl 
2. You'd Oughta Be Satisfied Now 
3. All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me (with Keb Mo') 
4. My Flowers Grow Green 
5. Madonna On The Curb (words by Christopher Morley) 
6. There's More True Lovers Than One (with Eric Bazilian) 
7. Sweetest Angel (with Glen Phillips) 
8. My Battle 
9. Little Bird (lyric by Jonatha Brooke) 
10. Taste of Danger (lyric by Jonatha Brooke) 
11. New Star (with Derek Trucks) 
12. King of My Love

Bad Dog Records. 2008.

Note of Hope CD
Artists: Rob Wasserman and friends

The project was conceived by Nora Guthrie, who, inspired by the work of renowned bassist Rob Wasserman asked him to lead the project. Together the two, along with music production company Steep Inc., recruited a stellar group of artists uniquely suited to bringing Guthrie's words alive - including Jackson Browne, Ani DiFranco, Kurt Elling, Michael Franti, Nellie McKay, Tom Morello, Van Dyke Parks, Madeleine Peyroux, Lou Reed, Pete Seeger, Studs Terkel, Tony Trischka, and Chris Whitley. The tracks, primarily unpublished Guthrie writings, were penned between 1942 and 1954 while he was living in New York City and Brooklyn.

"I always felt that Rob Wasserman's bass is one of the great companions to all words, having worked with so many great wordsmiths over the years," recalls Nora Guthrie. "Each of the artists we invited to collaborate were masterful writers in their own right, with a unique and distinctive voice that stands apart from all others."

1. The Note of Hope ~ Van Dyke Parks 
2. Wild Card in the Hole ~ Madeleine Peyroux 
3. Ease My Revolutionary Mind ~ Tom Morello 
4. The Debt I Owe ~ Lou Reed 
5. Union Love Juice ~ Michael Franti 
6. Peace Pin Boogie ~ Kurt Elling 
7. Voice ~ Ani Di Franco 
8. I Heard A Man Talking ~ Studs Terkel 
9. Old Folks ~ Nellie McKay 
10. On The High Lonesome ~ Chris Whitley 
11. There's a Feeling in the Music ~ Pete Seeger & Tony Trischka 
12. You Know the Night ~ Jackson Browne

429 Records. 2012.

New Multitudes 2-CD
Artists: Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, and Jim James

Like a cadre of musical brothers finally coalescing after years on the road apart, Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Gob Iron, Uncle Tupelo), Will Johnson (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel), Anders Parker (Varnaline, Gob Iron) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket, Monsters of Folk) gratefully deliver New Multitudes, an intimate interpretation of American icon and musical legend Woody Guthrie’s previously unrecorded lyrics.

Under the invitation of Nora Guthrie, Woody’s daughter, to tour the Guthrie archives, each of the four songwriters were offered the chance to plumb and mine the plethora of notebooks, scratch pads, napkins, etc. for anything that might inspire them to lend their voices and give the words new life.

“These guys worked on an amazing group of lyrics” says Nora. “Much of it was culled from Woody’s times in L.A. Lyric wise, it’s a part of the story that is still mostly unknown. From Woody’s experiences on LA’s skid row to his later years in Topanga Canyon, they are uniquely intimate, and relate two distinctly emotional periods in his life.”

The spirit of Guthrie may have been involved in more ways than one, as all four songwriters mentioned the immediate connection to the songs they chose, or as they would suggest, “chose them.” The writing came together quickly, as if the mischief muse who originally penned them latched himself to each writer’s grey matter upon first contact.

Musically, it is this sense of collaboration that makes New Multitudes not just another trite and traditional acoustic regurgitation of back porch blues. From the ragged jangle of its opening track, “Hoping Machine”, the loping lilt of “Fly High”, the floorboard stomp of “No Fear”, to the lush warmth and sudden sonic gut punch of “My Revolutionary Mind” the cohorts deliver a lesson in discovering a song’s sweet spot. It’s the function and preparedness of each artist’s dogged work ethic gleaned the old-fashion way; veracious songs, road weary odometers, and sweat stained live shows, all attributes of the man they are honoring.

CD 1 Track List:
1. Hoping Machine
2. Fly High
3. My Revolutionary Mind
4. V.D. City
5. Old L.A.
6. Talking Empty Bed Blues
7. Chorine My Sheba Queen
8. Careless Reckless Love
9. Angel's Blues
10. No Fear
11. Changing World
12. New Multitudes

CD 2 Track List:
1. Around New York
2. Jakewalk Blues
3. Whereabouts Can I Hide
4. Old Kokaine
5. I Was A Goner
6. San Antone Meat House
7. Dopefiend Robber
8. World's On Fire
9. When I Get Home
10. Atom Dance
11. Your Smile Cured Me

Rounder Records. 2012.

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