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Grow Big Kids ~ Gift Set

Grow Big Kids ~ Gift Set


"You'll be healthier. You'll feel wealthier. You'll talk wiser. You'll go higher, do better and liver longer here amongst us if you'll only jump in here and swim around in these songs and do like kids do." - Woody Guthrie.

This collection, aimed at 4-8 year olds, includes:

- "Riding In My Car" pop-up book
- "Nursery Days" CD
- "20 Grow Big Songs" CD

Book Title: Riding In My Car
By Woody Guthrie, Illustrated by Scott Menchin

Click clack, open up the door, girls;
Click clack, open up the door, boys;
Front door, back door, clickety clack,
Take you riding in my car.

Inspired by his love of Woody Guthrie's Riding In My Car, award winning illustrator Scott Menchin invites readers on an exciting cross-country road trip with a family of dogs! 

This interactive novelty format features pull-tabs, pop-ups, and lift-the-flaps on every page, and makes kids feel like they're really coming along for the ride, visiting some of America's most notable landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and more! Hidden beneath each flap are fun American facts for the child readers and interesting biographical details about Woody Guthrie for adults.

Read and sing along-

Little Brown & Company. Hardcover. 16 pgs.

Album Title: Nursery Days CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

This collection of 16 songs includes many all time favorites.

1. Wake Up
2. Cleano
3. Dance Around
4. Riding in My Car
5. Don't You Push Me Down
6. My Dolly
7. Put Your Finger in the Air
8. Come See
9. Race You Down the Mountain
10. Howdido
11. Merry Go Round
12. Sleep Eye
13. My Yellow Crayon
14. Roll On
15. Jiggy Jiggy Bum
16. Bubble Gum

Smithsonian/Folkways. 1992. CD

Album Title: 20 Grow Big Songs CD
Artists: Arlo Guthrie & The Guthrie Family

An exciting recording for children. Arlo Guthrie is joined by his brother Joady, sister Nora and all of Woody's grandchildren to sing with Woody and record up to date versions of 20 songs!

1. Wake Up
2. Cleano
3. Mailman
4. Put Your Finger in the Air
5. Dance Around 
6. Don't You Push Me Down
7. Merry Go Round
8. Jig Along Home
9. Howdy Doo
10. All Work Together
11. Bling Blang
12. Needle Sing
13. Pick It Up
14. Riding In My Car
15. Race You Down the Mountain
16. My Dolly
17. Little Seed
18. Little Bird
19. Pretty and Shinyo
20. Sleep Eye

Rising Son International. 1992. CD.

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