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Mail Myself To You (CD) - John McCutcheon

Mail Myself To You (CD) - John McCutcheon


Artist: John McCutcheon
Album Title: Mail Myself To You (1988)

"This 1988 release features McCutcheon's exquisite world music arrangements and authentic instrumentation. It is the only album for children I have heard that exceeds merely quoting musical genres: it embodies them completely. McCutcheon serves up a spicy combination of South African beat, calypso, reggae, bluegrass, string band music, rock 'n' roll, new age folk-jazz, and Latin American-influenced music." —Acoustic Guitar

1. Over in the Meadow
2. Mail Myself to You (W. Guthrie)
3. Barnyard Dance
4. Sly Little Crow/Old Blair Store
5. The Awful Hilly Daddy-Willie Trip
6. Teddy Bear
7. New Car
8. I'm a Little Cookie
9. Somos El Barco
10. Hambone
11. Kindergarten Wall
12. Turn Around

Rounder Records. 1988. CD

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