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Cette Machine Tue Les Fascistes (French)

Cette Machine Tue Les Fascistes (French)


Author: Woody Guthrie
Language: French
Publisher: Les Fondeurs de Briques
Date of publication: 2018

This book is a compilation of texts written by Woody Guthrie that appeared in "Born To Win" edited by Robert Shelton. The majority of the texts date from the years 1945 to 1954 and are of very diverse origin: newspaper articles, prefaces to songbooks or notes for album covers, opinions written day by day constituting a sort of private diary, etc.

Our edition takes up this selection reviewed by Jacques Vassal, the translator (and preface) and incorporates 4 unpublished texts in French, including "Blues", long talk highlighting Woody Guthrie's connections with blues artists. We also reproduce in the appendix the original text of 9 iconic songs by Woody Guthrie. The book contains around 40 drawings by the author as well as around 20 photos. Finally, the book will be accompanied by a CD of 12 titles, taken from "My Name Is New York", published in 2012 by Woody Guthrie Publications and include some of his most famous songs.

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