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About Us - The Woody Guthrie Store

The Woody Guthrie Store is run by the team at Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.
Over the years, as small book and music stores began disappearing, many people were finding it harder and harder to find materials about Woody Guthrie. The dominance of large internet mega-stores encroached on what remaining small shops there were, and many small book and music shops fell further into hard times or were forced to close.

As a service to Woody Guthrie and his fans, we decided to open our own independent and specialized "mom-and-pop" shop, dedicated to making available to the public all materials by or about Woody Guthrie. This includes limited editions, rare collector's items, and even when possible, discontinued items.

With this clear focus, we are actively involved in bringing personalized and informed service to those interested in knowing more about the life and music of Woody Guthrie, and those who would like to share their love of Woody Guthrie with others.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our store or your order.

 Thank you!

Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.
125-131 East Main Street, Suite 200 | Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
T. 914-241-3844
E: Sales(at)
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00a - 4:00p