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The Songs of Woody Guthrie 2-CD - Joel Rafael

The Songs of Woody Guthrie 2-CD - Joel Rafael


Artist: Joel Rafael

Southern California-based singer-songwriter Joel Rafael is celebrated as one of music's foremost interpreters of the work of American folk icon Woody Guthrie.


1. When The Curfew Blows
2. 1913 Massacre
3. Don't Kill My Baby And My Son
4. Sowing On The Mountain
5. Pretty Boy Floyd
6. Danville Girl
7. Ramblin' 'Round
8. I Ain't Got No Home
9. Talking Fishing Blues
10. Dust Storm Disaster
11. Dance A Little Longer (Guthrie/Rafael)
12. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
13. Plane Wreck At Los Gatos
14. Talking Oklahoma Hills

1. Rangers Command
2. Stepstone
3. Sierra Blanca Massacre
4. This Train Is Bound For Glory
5. Ramblin' Reckless Hobo (Guthrie/Rafael)
6. Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key

7. Dance Around My Atom Fire (Guthrie/Rafael)
8. Two Good Men
9. Circle of Truth
10. Your Sandal String (Guthrie/Rafael)
11. Heaven My Home
12. Love Thyself (Guthrie/Rafael)

Inside Recordings. 2009. 2-CD.

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