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Trouble No More ~ John Mellencamp / Includes: "Johnny Hart"

Trouble No More ~ John Mellencamp / Includes: "Johnny Hart"

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Artist: John Mellencamp
Guthrie Lyric: "Johnny Hart"

Trouble No More is the result of Mellencamp's deep seeded admiration for what he considers to be some of the finest examples of American song writing and recording. Inspired by their ability to be so 'plain spoken' lyrically and so musically direct, John Mellencamp listened exclusively to the works of Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams and Robert Johnson. Moved to rediscover some of the roots of their works, Mellencamp immersed himself in folk and blues.

1. Stones In My Passway
2. Death Letter
3. Johnny Hart
4. Baltimore Oriole
5. Teardrops Will Fall
6. Diamond Joe
7. The End Of The World
8. Down In The Bottom
9. Lafayette
10. Joliet Bound
11. John The Revelator
12. To Washington

Columbia Records. 2003. CD

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