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Pastures of Plenty CD - Vanaver Caravan

Pastures of Plenty CD - Vanaver Caravan


Artists: The Vanaver Caravan

Featuring musicians: Bill & Livia Vanaver, Joyce Anderson, Amy Fradon, John Herald, & Mark Murphy. Special guests: John Sebastian, Martin Carthy, Peter Ecklund, Frank Vignola, Kevin Maul, & Alexander Fedoriouk on cimbalom.

This release of Woody Guthrie songs is a superb collaboration of Woody's music which includes two previously unrecorded lyrics; Gypsies Fortune and Just One More Time, composed by Bill Vanaver. Also included is the first-ever recording of Peace Pin Boogie done in a swing time style.

1. Pastures of Plenty (chorale)
2. Hard Travelin'
3. Deportee
4. Vigilante Man
5. Peace Pin Boogie
6. Blowing Down that Old Dusty Road
7. Dust Storm Disaster
8. Do Re Mi
9. Gypsy's Fortune / Tsiganeasca
10. Just One More Time
11. Union Maid
12. Pretty Boy Floyd
13. My Daddy
14. Hobo's Lullaby
15. Pastures of Plenty

Coming Together Festival Productions. 2000. CD.

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