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Best of the Vanguard Years CD - Cisco Houston

Best of the Vanguard Years CD - Cisco Houston


Artist: Cisco Houston

Vanguard has put together a 24-track CD of Cisco Houston singing his greatest hits. They combined two previously issued albums, The Cisco Special! (never released on CD) and Cisco Houston Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie (produced by Harold Leventhal and Lee Hays), as well as five previously unreleased recordings.

1. This Train
2. Roll On Columbia
3. Colorado Trail
4. Dark As A Dungeon
5. Hard Traveling
6. Old Blue
7. Nine Hundred Miles
8. Badman Ballad
9. Diamond Joe
10. John Hardy
11. Big Rock Candy Mountain
12. So Long, It's Been Good
13. Buffalo Skinners
14. Pastures of Plenty
15. Grand Coulee Dam
16. Hard, Ain't It Hard
17. Pretty Boy Floyd
18. Do Re Mi
19. Deportees
20. Tramp on the Street
21. Talking Dust Bowl
22. This Land Is Your Land
23. Way Out There
24. Chilly Winds

Vanguard Records. 2000. CD.

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