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Cole Quest and the City Pickers / Includes: "My Name Is New York"

Cole Quest and the City Pickers / Includes: "My Name Is New York"


Artist: Cole Quest and The City Pickers
Guthrie Lyric: "My Name Is New York" / Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Cole Quest Rotante, Steve Rosenthal and Christian Apuzzo

Cole Quest, Woody Guthrie's grandson, has brought together a collection of eclectic pickers who have gained recognition on the local scene. Cole Quest and The City Pickers are a group of New York City musicians connected by friendship and a love of bluegrass. Performing both Quest's original tunes as well as traditional favorites, The City Pickers bring their special brand of high-spirited talent to the stage, with up-beat, knee slapping energy and a high lonesome sound that'll leave you wanting more.

1. Buy Me Back Barry
2. Bluest Man in Town
3. Lady Jane
4. Wayfaring Stranger
5. Drowsy Dreamer
6. Freeborn Man
7. Last Old Shovel
8. My Name is New York
9. Mister Grey
10. Crippled Inside
11. Uncle Jeff

After recording their debut album at NYC's renowned Magic Shop studio, here's their debut release! Having shared bills with acts such as Lucinda Williams, Parker Millsap, Billy Strings & Don Julin, Sierra Hull, and The Brothers Comatose you can catch them playing all over the northeast region.

"Cole Quest and the City Pickers spread the good word of Bluegrass through clever original songs and a vast library of classics. Their unbridled energy, tight harmonies and instrumental virtuosity will turn you into a believer in the good book of acoustic roots music." - Steve Danielsson (Feast Of Music)

"Like a young romantic interlude, it's hot, it's tight, it's exciting and it leaves the crowd wanting more! They're like your very first dalliance in the musical arena of love! They'll leave you breathless and confused but satiated and spent!" - Michael Weinstein

Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. 2016. CD

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