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Ain't Nobody Can Sing Like Me ~ Gift Set

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Woody Guthrie - by his own hand, in his own words, in his own voice!

This collection includes:

- "My Dusty Road" 4-CD Suitcase Edition Box Set
- "Poor Boy" CD
- "Long Ways To Travel" CD
- "Struggle" CD

- "Sacco and Vanzetti" CD

- "Hootenanny" artwork - 2" x 3" magnet
- Woody Guthrie photograph - 2" x 3" magnet


My Dusty Road 4-CD Suitcase Edition Box Set
Artist: Woody Guthrie
Author: Bill Nowlin

*GRAMMY Award Nominee for Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes

Taken from newly discovered original metal masters, this special limited edition release is the first of a number of forthcoming projects on Rounder Records new Woody Guthrie Legacy imprint.

This limited edition "Suitcase Set" includes:
- A 4-disc collection of many of Woody's best-known songs - along with traditional material and collaborations with fellow guitarist Cisco Houston and harmonica player Sonny Terry - packaged in a specially designed 7.5" x 10.5" vintage suitcase.
- A full-color 64 page book with extensive notes by Woody Guthrie biographer, Ed Cray and Rounder Records co-founder Bill Nowlin.
- Rare and previously unpublished photos, illustrations and illuminated lyric sheets from the Woody Guthrie Archives.
- Reproductions of: Woody's KFVD radio station business card, a Florida postcard from Woody written in 1951, a People's Artists Booking notice from 1947.

1. This Land Is Your Land
2. Going Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way)
3. Talking Sailor
4. Philadelphia Lawyer
5. Hard Travelin'
6. Jesus Christ
7. The Sinking of the Reuben James
8. Pretty Boy Floyd
9. Grand Coulee Dam
10. Nine Hundred Miles
11. Going Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way)
12. My Daddy (Flies a Ship in the Sky)
13. Bad Repetation

1. Poor Boy
2. Worried Man Blues
3. A Picture From Life's Other Side
4. Buffalo Skinners
5. Hard Ain't It Hard
6. Stewball
7. Stackolee
8. Gypsy Davy
9. Little Darling Pal of Mine
10. What Did the Deep Sea Say?
11. Chisholm Trail
12. Put My Little Shoes Away
13. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
14. John Henry

1. I'm Gonna Join That One Big Union (You Gotta Go Down and Join the Union)
2. Hangnot, Slipnot
3. Gonna Roll the Union On
4. The Ludlow Massacre
5. Sally Don't You Grieve
6. Harriet Tubman's Ballad (Part 1)
7. Harriet Tubman's Ballad (Part 2)
8. Tear the Fascists Down
9. When The Yanks Go Marching In
10. You Can Hear My Whistle Blow
11. Union Burying Ground
12. You Gotta Go Down and Join the Union

1. Train Breakdown
2. Do You Ever Think Of Me (aka. At My Window)
3. Guitar Rag
4. Square Dance Medley
5. Guitar Breakdown
6. Raincrow Bill
7. Ain't Nobody's Business
8. Stepstone
9. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
10. Bile Them Cabbage Down
11. Danville Girl
12. Guitar Blues
13. Brown's Ferry Blues
14. More Pretty Girls Than One
15. Sonny's Flight

Rounder Records. 2009. CD.

Poor Boy CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

1. Baltimore to Washington
2. Little Black Train
3. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet
4. Slip Knot
5. Poor Boy
6. Mean Talking Blues
7. Stepstone
8. Bed on the Floor
9. Little Darling
10. Miner's SongTrain Blues
11. Danville Girl
12. I Ride an Old Paint

Smithsonian/Folkways. 1968. CD.

Long Ways To Travel CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

These 17 songs by Guthrie, accompanied by Cisco Houston, were carefully selected from dozens of unreleased Guthrie masters. Extensively annotated, this collection reaffirms Guthrie's unique place in American music.

1. Hard Travelin’
2. Talking Centralia
3. Farmer-Labor Train
4. Harriet Tubman’s Ballad
5. Warden in the Sky
6. Train Narration
7. Seattle to Chicago
8. Rain Crow Bill
9. Along in the Sun and the Rain
10. Budded Roses
11. Train Ride Medley (part 1)
12. Girl I Left Behind Me
13. Wiggledy Giggledy
14. Kissin’ On
15. Rocky Mountain Slim and Desert Rat Shorty
16. Train Ride Medley (part 2)
17. Long Ways to Travel

Smithsonian/Folkways. 1996. CD. 

Struggle CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

This recording was issued at Guthrie's insistence that there be a series of records depicting the struggle of working people to realize their vision and to secure their rights. He dedicated these 12 songs to his wife Marjorie Guthrie and to Pete Seeger. Moses Asch reissued the record to commemorate the United States Bicentennial.

1. Struggle Blues
2. A Dollar Down
3. Get Along Little Doggies
4. Hang Knot
5. Waiting at the Gate
6. The Dying Miner
7. Union Burying Ground
8. Lost John
9. Buffalo Skinners
10. Pretty Boy Floyd
11. Ludlow Massacre
12. 1913 Massacre

Smithsonian Folkways. 1992. CD.

The Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

Guthrie sings the story of the anarchists who were tried and convicted of murder, then executed in Boston in the 1920s. Written by Guthrie during 1946-47, the powerful songs of this well-known affair reaffirm the value of the struggle for freedom and dramatically describe the price often paid. Extensive notes contain a previously unpublished letter written by Guthrie.

1. The Flood and the Storm
2. Two Good Men
3. I Just Want to Sing Your Name
4. Red Wine
5. Suassos Lane
6. You Souls of Boston
7. Old Judge Thayer
8. Vanzetti's Rock
9. Vanzetti's Letter
10.Root Hog and Die
11. We Welcome to Heaven
12. Sacco's Letter to His Son (Pete Seeger)

Smithsonian Folkways. 1992. CD.

"Hootenanny" artwork - 2" x 3" Magnet

Artwork by Woody Guthrie. 
2" x 3" hard backed refrigerator magnet.

Woody Guthrie Photograph - 2" x 3" magnet

Photo of Woody Guthrie by Al Aumueller.
2" x 3" hard backed refrigerator magnet.