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Honeyky Hanukah (Book)

Honeyky Hanukah (Book)


Words by Woody Guthrie, Illustrated by Dave Horowitz
Recommended Ages: 2+

It’s Honeyka Hanukah ‘round and around,
Honeycake Hanukah, eat them down,
Latkes and goody things all over town,
It’s Honeyky Hanukah time.

It’s Honeyky Hanukah, shaky my hand,
My candles are burning all over this land,
To light the dark road for the man passing by,
It’s Honeyky Hanukah time...

Woody Guthrie's "Honeyky Hanukah" tells a family's story celebrating together.

"A whimsical spread accompanies each of the seven verses of Guthrie's song in this celebration featuring a curly-haired youngster who, with his enthusiastic dog, happily devours Bubbie's fresh-baked treats and then proceeds to play guitar on an urban stoop and sing the praises of Hanukkah. Mention is made of the candles burning for a week, but though repeatedly pictured, the menorah is never named in the text. Nor is the dreidel, shown spinning as a pig-tailed girl romps with the dog while another boy discovers a present. In following pages, the children parade (with dog in tow) to deliver presents to Mom and Dad, share hugs, expand on the music-making, and dance a rooftop hora with Bubbie and Zayde. The construction paper, charcoal, and colored-pencil illustrations capture the spirit conveyed by Guthrie's exuberant musings. Background on the musician and the impetus for his Jewish songs are appended. A CD of the Klezmatics performing a rousing version of the song is included." —Linda Israelson, Los Angeles Public Library

Doubleday Books for Young Readers. Hardcover. 24 pgs. CD included. 2015.

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