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The Speed of Trees ~ Ellis Paul

The Speed of Trees ~ Ellis Paul


Artist: Ellis Paul
Guthrie Lyric: "God's Promise"
/ Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Ellis Paul

In this release Ellis Paul again proves why he's one of the premier troubadours of his generation. With razor sharp songwriting, gravity-defying vocals, and a new sonic edge provided by producer (and guitarist extraordinaire) Duke Levine, The Speed of Trees is a stunning collection of 4-minute novels and casual masterpieces.

1. Maria's Beautiful Mess
2. Give In, Give Up
3. Eighteen
4. If You Break Down
5. The Ballad of Chris McCandless
6. Sweet Mistakes
7. Words
8. Roll Away Bed
9. Breaking Through the Radio
10. When We Begin
11. God's Promise
12. The Speed of Trees

Philo (Rounder/Concord). 2002. CD

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