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Notecard set - Woody's New Years Rulin's (Set of 8)


Set of 8 notecards and 8 envelopes

Woody Guthrie wrote these heartfelt and playful resolutions on New Year’s Day, 1943. From December 29, 1942 until January 1, 1943, Woody filled a 72-page composition book with a letter to his love, Marjorie. This little gem, in the middle of the book, provides insight into his daily concerns at the time — the large and the small — and reflect his hopes of being his best before the birth of their first child together, Cathy Ann Guthrie. Resolution #30 LOVE PETE refers to “Railroad Pete,” the playful nickname Woody and Marjorie gave their unborn child.

With a historical note about The Rulin’s on the back of the cards, as well as a short bio of Woody Guthrie. 

Printed on white stock, blank inside.

Dimensions: 5" x 7"

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