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This Land ~ Gift Set


"Nobody living can ever stop me,
As I go walking that freedom highway;
Nobody living can ever make me turn back
This land was made for you and me." - WG

From California to the New York Island, this collection was made for you and me. 

This collection includes:

- "This Land Is Your Land" Book
-  "This Land Is Your Land" Sheet Music
-  "Asch Recordings, Vol. 1: This Land Is Your Land" CD

- "This Land" by David Amram CD
- "And Don't You Come Back Till You Register To Vote " Magnet
- "This Land Is Your Land" Magnet 
- 2 x "Blackwing" pencils

"This Land Is Your Land" Book
Words by Woody Guthrie, Illustrated by Kathy Jakobsen
Recommended Ages: 2+
*Guthrie Family Pick!

People all over the world are enjoying Jakobsen's beautiful illustration while learning the song that has inspired millions. This special edition features hidden "secrets" about Woody's life that can be found within Jakobsen's detailed artwork.

11.3" x 8.8". Hachette Book Group. Hardcover. 42 pgs. 2020.

"This Land Is Your Land" Sheet Music
Author: Woody Guthrie

Sheet music to Woody Guthrie's iconic "This Land Is Your Land".

75 years ago, February 23, 1940, Woody Guthrie penned "This Land Is Your Land" at Hanover House, a small flea-bag hotel in New York City. Looking out of his window, located at 43rd Street and Sixth Avenue, Woody wrote "all you can write is what you see" at the bottom of the original handwritten lyric. He later made revisions and added a verse, resulting in the song we know today. Woody's original handwritten version is featured on the cover.

TRO. Sheet Music. 2 pgs. 2015.

"This Land Is Your Land: Asch Recordings, Vol. 1" CD
Artist: Woody Guthrie

From the surviving master tapes, a 4-part series presents many of Guthrie's best-known song. This first volume features Guthrie's anthem, This Land is Your Land, which includes never-before-issued lyrics.

1. This Land Is Your Land
2. Car Song (Riding In My Car)
3. Ramblin’ Round
4. Talking Fishing Blues
5. Philadelphia Lawyer
6. Lindbergh
7. Hobo's Lullaby
8. Pastures of Plenty
9. Grand Coulee Dam
10. End of My Line
11. New York Town
12. Gypsy Davy
13. Jesus Christ
14. This Land Is Your Land (with "No Trespassing" verse)
15. Do Re Mi
16. Jarama Valley
17. The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done
18. Picture From Life’s Other Side
19. Jesse James
20. Talking Hard Work
21. When that Great Ship Went Down
22. Hard, Ain’t It Hard
23. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
24. I Ain’t Got Nobody
25. Sinking of the Reuben James
26. Why, Oh Why?
27. This Land Is Your Land (reprise)

Smithsonian/Folkways. 1997. CD.

"This Land" CD
Composed and conducted by David Amram
Inspired by "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie

Performed by The Colorado Symphony Orchestra

"This Land: Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie" was recorded Friday, September 21, 2012 and Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at Boettcher Concert Hall, in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Denver, Colorado.

1. Theme and Fanfare for the Road & Variation I – Oklahoma Stomp Dance 4:44
2. Variation II – Sunday Morning Church Service in Okemah 6:54
3. Variation III – Prelude and Pampa Texas Barn Dance 2:45
4. Variation IV – Sonado con Mexico (Dreaming of Mexico) 7:18
5. Variation V – Dust Bowl Dirge 5:28
6. Variation VI – Street Sounds of New York's Neighborhoods
7. Variation VI – Caribbean Street Festival 2:37
8. Variation VI – Klezmer Wedding Celebration and Middle Eastern Bazaar 2:56
9. Variation VI – Salvation Army Hymn 1:10
10. Variation VI – Block Party Jam and Finale 3:13
11. Theme and Variations on Red River Valley for Flute and Strings 14:20

Newport Classics Recordings. 2015. CD.

"Vote If You're Still Around" - 2" x 3" Magnet 

Artwork by Woody Guthrie.
2" x 3" hard backed refrigerator magnet.

"And Don't You Come Back Till You Register To Vote "Artwork - 2.5" x 2.5" Magnet

Artwork by Woody Guthrie. 
2.5" x 2.5" square hard backed refrigerator magnet.

"This Land Is Your Land" - 2" x 3" Magnet 

Keep Woody's words with you.
2" x 3" hard backed refrigerator magnet.

2 x "Blackwing" Pencils

Blackwing is honoring Woody Guthrie's life and creative legacy with their limited edition Blackwing pencil #223!

This is a tribute to Woody and his immutable optimism. Each pencil features a design inspired by This Land’s “ribbon of highway,” “endless skyway” and “golden valley.” The matte black ferrule and earth-toned eraser are a nod to the many miles Woody traveled.

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